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Extruded Fin Tubes
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Extruded Fin Tubes


Extruded Fin Tubes are heat exchanger tubes mainly required to transfer heat from a flowing fluid and cooling it down by passing air on the fins of the tubes. In extruded fin tubes the surface area of heat transfer is increased because of the increased height of the fins thereby causing it to become more exposed to the flowing air. Moreover in this process the thickness of the fin is also very low causing the heat transfer to become more efficient. The extruded fin tubes are used mainly where the atmosphere is corrosive and the heat transfer required is higher.

Extruded fin tubes are mainly manufactured by extruding fins from the base material itself. It is generally manufactured using bimetallic combinations where the base tube can be made of Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, etc and the fin material is Aluminum or Copper etc.

In the process of manufacturing Extruded Fin Tube, a Muff Tube (Outer) and a Base tube (Inner) are used. The base tube is inserted inside the muff tube. Then the fining is done by extruding the fins from the Muff Tube. During the process the muff tube forms a very strong bond with the Base tube ensuring almost no air gap or non contact area between the Muff Tube and the Base Tube.

There is 100 % contact between the Base and the Muff Tube in Extruded Fin Tubes. This increases the surface area and gives the best heat transfer.

  • In Extruded Fin Tubes, Aluminum Muff Tube covers the Base tube completely and hence gives excellent corrosion protection to the Base tube. This increases the life of the overall equipment and hence reduced downtime with greater efficiency.
  • In Extruded Fin Tubes, the fins are made by Extrusion process and hence have higher strength and resistance to damage my mechanical handling.
  • It s highly suitable for temperatures as high as 300 Deg C.
  • In Extruded Fin Tube, the bonding between the fins and tube is the strongest in the process.
  • During the manufacturing process no damage is done to the base tube and hence it increases the safety and quality of the final product to a great extent.
  • These Extruded Fin Tubes are manufactured by us on State of the art fining machine and can be supplied in the most efficient way. Special processes have been defined to ensure proper safety after packing of tubes.

    The main application of these Extruded Fin Tubes is in Air Fin coolers especially in highly corrosive atmospheres and high temperature applications.

    We can provide you the best quality Extruded Finned Tubes. We wait for your valued enquiries.

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