Choosing Between Carbon Steel Tubing and Stainless Steel Tubing

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While selecting the tubes for your process or plant, one major consideration, other than the size, is the material of the tubes. The most common options that business owners or plant managers rely on are:

1. Cold Drawn Carbon Steel Tube
2. Stainless Steel Tube
3. A tube in copper material

Many people get confused between cold-drawn carbon steel tubes and stainless steel tubes as they almost appear to be the same to anyone who is a novice on the subject of tubes. Our experts at Anand Seamless Tubes are here to help all those confused as we mention all the things you need to know about Carbon Steel Tube and Stainless Steel Tube.


Cold Drawn Carbon Steel Tubes


These tubes are manufactured by cold-drawing and cutting a bigger seamless carbon steel tubes. The cold-drawn carbon steel tubes possess the same properties of the bigger carbon tubes, i.e., Carbon and Iron. The alloy is similar to the Stainless Steel Tubing but the presence of Carbon is the alloy is higher when compared to the Stainless Steel Tubes.


Many people believe that carbon content only has positives but there are a few negatives as well. The increase in the content of carbon in a tube increases its strength and becomes more firm, but this also makes the tube become more brittle, making it difficult to weld.


Benefits of Cold-Drawn Carbon Steel Tube


  • Endures High-Stress: The seamless tubes of carbon are highly durable and safe. It can endure shock, violent weather conditions, high-stress and pressure fluctuations. It is ideal for infrastructure development.
  • Resistance Towards Termites: Termites and other pests can never survive in these seamless tubes.
  • Cost-effective: Carbon Steel Tubing is highly cost-effective. This is due to its strength and capability to be made thinner. When you compare the carbon tubes with the other tubes of the same diameter, the carbon steel tubes can easily transfer bigger volumes of materials and components than the latter.
  • Easily Manufactured: Carbon Steel Tubing is easily manufactured and is quite versatile in its shapes and sizes.


Application of Cold-Drawn Carbon Steel Tube


  • In the process where transmission of natural gases or oil is required
  • Ships
  • Households
  • Chemical fertilizer equipment
  • Distillers


Stainless Steel Tubes


Stainless Steel Tubes are easy to recognize as it has a chromium shine due to the chromium content in its alloy. This makes it quite impressive. The stainless tubes cannot corrode easily and are resistant towards rust and stain.


Benefits Of Stainless Steel Tubes


  • Durable in both hot and cold temperatures: It is highly resistant to rust and extreme temperatures
  • Easy To Maintain: They are strong and very easy to clean
  • Easy To Cut and Weld
  • Visually it is more attractive


Application Of Stainless Steel Tubes


  • Plumbing
  • Power plants
  • Gas lines
  • Refrigeration
  • Industries with strict hygiene requirements (hospitals, food industry)


Which one should you pick?


We have mentioned an array of industries where these seamless tubes are applicable. If you are still not sure on which one to pick from Carbon Steel Tube and Stainless Steel Tube, you can always rely on Anand Seamless to make the decision of choosing an ideal tube for your business or process. Call us now at +91-79-26404968 or mail us at in case of any questions or queries. We are always ready to help!


Choosing Between Carbon Steel Tubing and Stainless Steel Tubing

While selecting the tubes for your process or plan

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By adminSep 5,2017

Steel tubes are quite popularly used in factory and industrial set ups. The steel pipes are used commercially and for a number of purposes. However, it is better to get the seamless tubes, as they are able to withstand pressure for a longer time and do not fall weak easily. The pipes usually fall weak at the welded part, as the seamless tubes are not welded there is no such weak point in the tube. Therefore, for construction or any other commercial purpose, one must use the seamless tube for better efficiency and performance.

Seamless Tubes

What are the other benefits of the stainless tubes?

The stainless and seamless steel tubes have a variety of benefits and these make to be enough reasons why one must prefer to buy them over the other tubes.

Following are some of the benefits of using the seamless tubes:

  • A seamless tube is well shaped. The welded tubes do not have uniformity of shape as excess heat is used. The seamless tubes are not welded, so they are uniform in shape and do not have any sharp areas.
  • The seamless tubes may cost a little higher than the other tube types. However, they do not give in at the time of excess pressure. The tubes last for a longer time and carry out desired work even in the extreme weather conditions. So, it is a preferable that these tubes are opted for use.
  • Technology has further helped in better production scenarios. The seamless tubes are also of higher quality and tend to last for a longer time. Quality is an essential factor when it comes to tubes that are used further for construction and other crucial commercial purposes.
  • There is less opportunity for a defect in the seamless tubes as they are crafted with perfection and the technology plays an equally important role in making the production of high and better quality with time.
  • The applications of the seamless tubes are also smooth and easy. One can apply or use the tubes without facing many difficulties. They are safe for use, as they do not have any sharp edges or so.

Buy high-quality tubes from reputed companies 

Technology has made manufacturing and production easier and cheaper with the passing years. Yet, one must always make sure that they pay that high price for good quality. The seamless tubes have to be of great quality in order to further provide high-quality results. Various brands may sell the tubes at lesser prices. However, the first concern must be of good quality and not the price. It is completely all right to pay a slightly higher price for a tube that will last for a long time.

The seamless tube also can support its own weight as well as the weight of the loaded material. This one advantage will win over the other tube types. Every construction or commercial production company must carry out good research about the tubes in order to make a wise decision.


Difference Between ERW Steel Tube and Seamless Tube

By adminAug 31,2017

Nowadays, with the quick construction of society and rapid development of technology, more and more different kinds of steel tubes are created, such as welded steel tubes, seamless steel tubes, ERW steel tube and so on, and more steel tubes are needed. In the competitive market of steel tube, seamless tube and welded steel tube are well-sold.



A Quick Tour Of Seamless Tube Manufacturing Process

By adminJan 27,2017
Seamless Tube Manufacturing

A Seamless tube also known as cold drawn seamless pipe is used in a variety of applications and industries. They are more often used in the exchange of liquids, numerous liquids (especially hot fluids) are made to flow through these pipes and bars. These tubes are manufactured in different shapes and sizes depending on the requirement. Now before we jump into its manufacturing process, let’s see why these tubes or pipes are important?

How are seamless tubes beneficial in today’s aggressive industrial environment?

  • Increased pressure ratings 

One of the greatest advantages of choosing a seamless tubes for your machine is that the product has the ability to withstand pressure. While on the other hand, a welded pipe or non-seamless one won’t be able to withstand such pressure as it is welded. Therefore, a seamless pipe always tends to be equally strong around the entire circumference of the pipe. However, the seamless pipe can be pretty expensive than the welded ones, but the ability to withstand pressure allows you to choose other pipes that are thinner and lighter, which can provide a great help in cutting down all your other expenses.

  • Uniformity in terms of shape

Almost all the welded pipes are wrapped around another form before it is welded. And moreover, the process of welding adds heat, stress and other variables in such a way that it cannot be as rounded as a seamless tubes or pipe. Seamless pipes are nothing but continuous extrusion of an alloy which means it will have a round cross section on which you can thoroughly rely on.

  • Strength under loads

Like I said before, seamless tubes can be really expensive at times, but they are reliable too. The tubes carry a great amount of strength when it comes to under loading. An empty pipe needs to be manufactured in such a way that it supports its own weight, but when it comes to a pipe filled with materials or liquids, it needs to support the weight of its own as well that of the material.

Seamless Tube

Seamless Tube Manufacturing Process

First of all, the strips are made to go through numerous quality checks and testings. Then they are trimmed from the edges and made to pass through the number of rollers as per required shape and size. After a while, the strip starts getting converted into a tubular shape. In this way rolled pipes are formed without being welded.

Next, these pipes are cut to the required lengths and size depending upon its use and later on subjects to cleaning and dirt removal. Further, heat treatment is given to the continuous rolling hearth furnace and after the completion of this process the seamless tubes are straightened and subjected to picking for removing scales from the surface.

After everything is done that is from heat treatment to cleaning to straightening, these tubes are being marked with the help of computerized inkjet markings and ready to use.

On and all, you could see a sudden rise in the demand of seamless tubes and pipes, especially in the construction and load bearing purposes. The pipe turns out to be extremely durable and can be used in industries like automobile, defense, oil & gas refineries, fertilizers, sugar, cement, boilers & pressure vessels and so more.



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Heat Exchanger Tubes mainly find application in the industries like Refineries, Smelters, Petrochemical Industries, Large Equipment Manufacturers, and Boiler Manufacturers etc. These tubes are mainly used where there is requirement to transfer the Heat from one fluid to another to either increase or decrease the temperature of the working fluid.

Heat Exchanger Tubes (more…)