4 Ways to Inspect the Quality of Seamless Pipes

By adminSep 28,2022

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Quality inspection of cold seamless tubing is a very crucial part of the seamless pipe manufacturing process. Premium-quality seamless pipes and tubes are expected to pass a rigorous inspection procedure in the factory or mills. All efficient, seamless pipe manufacturers in India follow four known methods to ensure the quality of their seamless pipes. Do you know about the quality-testing procedures for seamless pipes and tubes? If not, let us guide you through the inspection process to help you make an informed purchase of seamless pipes. Here are four methods for quality inspection of seamless pipes and tubes.

4 Crucial Methods of Inspecting Flaws in Seamless Pipes and Tubes


1. Ultrasonic testing of Seamless Pipes

Ultrasonic testing of seamless pipes is a non-manipulative inspection method to detect flaws or inaccuracies in the seamless pipes and tubes. The pipes are examined by assessing the effect of the difference in the acoustic characteristics of the seamless pipes and tubes and their internal lacks. This is carried out based on the ripples of the ultrasonic waves and is characterised by the sign ‘UT.’

The UT testing method has proved helpful to most seamless pipe manufacturers and helped them curate better quality seamless pipes as per requirement. It also enables seamless piper manufacturers to detect impurities and purify the pipes to perfection.

2. Testing for Magnetic Flux Leakage

In the magnetic flux leakage testing procedure, the surface of the seamless pipe or tube is magnetised. Upon magnetisation through the leakage in the magnetic field, the defect in the quality of the pipe is picked to create an electrical signal of the defect. This method is also a non-alternative inspection technique to detect a defect in the pipe’s quality. It is categorised by the symbol ‘LT’ and is a widely used technique across the world.

3. Eddy Current Testing Method

Eddy Current Testing Method is a flaw detection technique that uses the properties of electromagnetic induction to locate flaws on the surface or near the surface of seamless pipes and tubes. This method of flaw detection is symbolised by the initials ‘ET’. It is one of the most powerful methods of detecting flaws or inaccuracies in bulk. Since the ET method of flaw detection is not limited to large-calibre thermal expansion seamless tubes, it is a necessary procedure for all types of seamless steel inspection.

The auto-generated eddy current detection process is primarily applied to a focal probe detection method to ensure quality inspection of a seamless pipe. It is a technique for detecting a probe via a probe.

The ultrasonic method of testing makes use of point probes to find out the longitudinal defects of seamless tubes at an accelerated speed. The detection speed of impurity or inaccuracy is understood by the number of probes and the rotation speed. Usually, the detection speed is comparatively slow. The latter locates the transverse defects of the seamless tubes and pipes through the probe. This method of flaw detection is primary, and the detection speed is faster (usually up to 60m/min).

Additionally, due to the highly sensitive pair of holes in the eddy current testing procedure, the primary method follows a replacement of the hydrostatic pipeline test.

4. Magnetic Particle Inspection Process

The magnetic particle inspection process is carried out by developing a magnetic field on the surface of a seamless pipe or tube to partially or fully magnetise it. A magnetic flux is generated that escapes the surface of the seamless pipe to form a leakage magnetic field. When the magnetic powder is applied to the surface of the seamless tube, you can expect a magnetic mark to form, revealing the defect in the metal. Magnetic particle inspection techniques are used by many, primarily to identify defects on the surface or towards the sides of seamless tubes.

A magnetic flux defect detection procedure is a non-destructive assessment method. It uses a phenomenon in which any leakage in the magnetic field of the ferromagnetic material is exhibited in a strong magnetic field by aggregating ferrous powder. It is remembered by the symbol ‘MT’.

Where to Find Quality Seamless Pipe Manufacturers?

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Common Characteristics of Our Seamless Pipes are:

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  • The seamless pipes are stress relieved, tempered and treated
  • The tubes can effortlessly bear high pressure, stress and temperature

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