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At Anand Seamless Ltd, We offer a wide range products related to the Heat Exchanger Industry, Automobile Industry, Boiler Manufacturing, Petrochemical Refineries, Power Plants, Fertilizer Plants, etc.

Being present for more than a decade as a reputed manufacturer, and engaged in Manufacturing activity of Cold Drawn Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes, Cold Drawn Alloy Steel Seamless Tubes and Various types of Finned Tubes, we have gained confidence and a positive reputation in the industry.

Our Key Offerings Include


1. Heat Exchanger Tubes

We manufacture Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes (Drawn on Mandrel Tubes) to suit to our clients requirements. We manufacture both, Cold Drawn Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes and Cold Drawn Alloy Steel Seamless Tube,

2. Fin Tubes ( Finned Tubes )

We also manufacture various types of Finned Tubes (Fin Tubes) having a very extensive in house manufacturing capability. We offer a very nice advantage to our customers in the way that for their requirement of Finned Tubes; we manufacture our own base tubes. This reduces the supply time by a great extent and also we can provide better delivery and quality at the same price. We offer the following main types of Finned Tubes:-


3. Seamless Tubes and Pipes

We offer the best in class Seamless Tubes and Pipes which widely find acceptance as Hydraulic Tubing and Mechanical Tubing. We offer these tubes the clients requirement based on their fixed monthly requirements with rate contracts as agreed upon.

4. U bend Tubes

We also offer “U Bend Tubes”. We have in-house facility of Indigenous electro-mechanical tube bending machine. We offer Bent Tubes for Both Plain Tubes and Finned Tubes. Stress Relieving is done for 5 times R radii of tube as per TEMA standards.

We can manufacture all the above products as per various international standards like ASTM, ASME, DIN –EN, IBR etc. We can also manufacture and supply the same as per the specific requirements of customers.

Our above tubes are supplied with highest quality and with proper certifications and Traceability.

Please give your valued inquiries for the above products and we shall be glad to offer our products to you.

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