Benefits of Seamless Tubing for Hydrogen Forklift Conversion

By adminJan 17,2019

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Technology has evolved and with this evolution, many are changing to alternate fueling solutions. This has led to many operators converting their equipment to have hydrogen tanks than being battery operated. Forklift is one such equipment.

Battery operated forklifts can be easily transformed into hydrogen operated one with the help of cold drawn seamless tubes. If you think that it is not a viable option then this blog will prove you wrong. We have mentioned a few benefits that can help you take this decision of transformation without any doubts in your mind.

With the help of seamless tubes, you can have a superior fuel supply, through the trailer or delivery site. The coil of seamless tubing can be easily put into the run-up of a building that connects to hydrogen storage, moving forward to the dispenser, making it usable for the forklift.

Operators who are skeptical about installing a hydrogen tank should know some important benefits that they can have with the transformation or switch. It can:

  • Deliver efficient and continuous movement
  • Have more runtime
  • Increased uptime
  • Faster refuelling
  • Less carbon footprint with hydrogen

Though, there are other advantages as well that we have mentioned below:

Additional Benefits of Hydrogen-Fueled Forklift


1. Reduced installation costs

Installation costs solely depend upon the labour costs involved. Using a cold drawn seamless tubes makes easy for everyone to install and they are highly adaptable as well. Other regular pipes need to be welded together and this costs extra, due to this reason, you should use seamless pipes.

2. Custom tempers

Depending upon the connection you need, you can select the seamless tubes’ temper. This will enable the structure to have great strength while saving time and labour cost on the installation process.

3. Improved reliability

Hydrogen needs a durable medium to travel. As the seamless pipes are highly durable, they are highly reliable to be used for the process.

4. Increased installer and operator confidence

As the pipe as no weld, there are no chances of leakage or breakage. Due to this reason, the installer, as well as the operator, develop great confidence in the Forklift. This lets them work without being scared of the equipment being at fault.

5. Strength Under Loads

Cold drawn seamless pipes can perform extremely well under load and pressure. This makes the process really easy and hassle-free, letting everyone work well without the fear of a breakdown due to stress.

The benefits are endless when you wish to convert the material handling equipment’s fueling system from a traditional battery driven to an eco-friendly choice like hydrogen. For the operators who are looking for the most substantial benefits, do consider the following:

  • Less installation cost
  • Higher ability to withstand the pressure
  • The decrease in the operational cost

Every new technology has a slower adaptability rate, due to which the United States has recently started accepting it. It is time that India does as well. Imagine, the kind of resources we will be saving, with the population like ours.

Transform the Forklifts with Anand Seamless

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