Benefits and Uses of Alloy Steel and Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes

By adminApr 29,2017

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Transporting things from one place to another has always been a task in the manufacturing sector. It requires a lot of time and energy and also comprises the use of some high functioning equipment. This process is an important part of manufacturing a product as transportation is required everywhere. Solids are anyways easier to transport as they are wholesome and can be carried from one place to another. Liquids and gases on the other hand need special care and specific containers to avoid spilling or leaking. If not this may be a cause of great loss and can be harmful as well.

Helpful equipment for the purpose is the alloy steel seamless tube. These tubes are used in various places for the transportation of fluids.

Specialties and Importance of These Tubes Are:


  • These are tubes are tubes which don’t have a seam welded in them. They are joint to other pipes without having a welding joint. These pipes are highly used in industries where transfer of fluids is a major need and these serve for the purpose perfectly.
  • Having a seam is not a good sign for the pipe as these create a weakness in them. They increase the possibility of the pipe falling apart from the seam and thus seamless pipes offer more guarantee of security than the ones with seam.
  • Alloy steel seamless tubes can be made from several metals and also from alloys. This use of heavy metals increases the chance of security and gives great results.
  • These pipes are used in industries with the highest need of security. In industries where substances used are quite dangerous for human contact, these tubes are used to ensure security. Not having a seam makes them stronger and more reliable and also strong enough to take the heavy load that the industries put on them.

Important equipment can be cold drawn seamless tube which is very useful for the purpose too.

Specifications of These Pipes Are:


  • These are made from very high quality steel and give very good results for the tolerance and uniformity purposes.
  • These are cut into perfect lengths and are stock protected for the best results.
  • These require low machinery over the seamless tubes and have enhanced tolerance and uniformity capacities.
  • These have a surface finishing that is superior to most of the products of the same kind and gives the best dimensional accuracy. These tubes have a micro-structural uniformity of the best kind among all the tubes for the same purposes.
  • These have enhanced mechanical facilities provided to us for use. This enhancement is found only in these tubes and makes them multipurpose for use.
  • These tubes have high strength to weight ratio compared to other tubes.
  • These are used in rollers, hydraulic cylinders, trucks, automotive parts and structural apps.

So these are the basic details for the different types of tubes used for the transportation of fluids and industries.


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