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By adminDec 2,2015


ANAND SEAMLESS manufactures Chrome Molybdenum – 4130 grade steel tubes to confirm to various international grades like MIL -T 6736 B, ASTM A 519 – 4130 etc to serve to the various applications that the tube finds. This grade Chrome Molybdenum Tubes – 4130 Steel mainly find application where there is requirement for higher resistance […]

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By adminNov 5,2018

Most Common Mechanical Failure in Shell & Heat Exchanger Tubes

Heat Exchanger Tubes and shell are much favoured by big plant engineers. This has been since a very long time as shell and heat exchanger tubes require low maintenance and are highly efficient in transferring heat. Stainless steel heat exchangers are surely durable and reliable but at times using these tubes for a long haul […]

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By adminJul 8,2015

MECHANICAL TUBES – Ready To Hone Tubes , Bushing Tubes , Liner Tubes

Mechanical Tubes – As the name suggests mainly finds application as mechanical parts in many various industries such as automobile industry, textile industry, bushing etc. Mechanical Tubes are used where the requirement for the strength of the material use. These tubes are now a day’s replacing the usage of rods through which a lot of […]

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By adminNov 20,2017

Top Three Advantages of Seamless Pipes Manufactured by Anand Seamless

Seamless pipes are useful in a number of industries. They are chiefly applied for the nuclear device, gas, petrochemical, shipbuilding and boiler industries. The boiler industry is the major consumer of seamless tubes and without them, it can only imagine its existence. Some of the other industries relying on these pipes are power generation, electricity, […]

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By adminOct 6,2014

What Is the Significance of Heat Exchanger Tubes in Various Industries

Heat exchanger, an apparatus that is very important for almost all the industries, is designed and fabricated especially for transferring heat from one source to another. It is used commonly in factories and industries to transfer the heat energy.

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