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Heat Exchanger Tubes mainly find application in the industries like Refineries, Smelters, Petrochemical Industries, Large Equipment Manufacturers, and Boiler Manufacturers etc. These tubes are mainly used where there is requirement to transfer the Heat from one fluid to another to either increase or decrease the temperature of the working fluid.

seamless tubes

The Heat Exchanger tubes are mainly made from Seamless Tubes by Cold Drawing Process. In the above mentioned industries the application of the tube is specifically in making of Shell and Tube type Heat exchangers –  Straight Tubes, Shell and Tube type Heat exchangers –  U bend  Tubes,  Finned Tubes, Air Pre Heater Tubes, Boiler Tubes etc. These tubes are required to be precise in nature as the calculated flow through them is maintained within the design data limits. Hence they are manufacture by the Cold Drawing Process.

The heat transfer application designers take into account the total heat transfer area, the differential temperatures of the fluids, the pressure of the flowing fluid etc and then decide upon the size and quantity of these tubes. These tubes are classified as:-

1) High Temperature Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes.
2) High Temperature and Pressure Alloy Steel Seamless Tubes.
3)  Low Temperature Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes.
4) Low Temperature Alloy Steel Seamless Tubes.

The various properties such as the Dimensional Tolerances, Mechanical Properties, Chemical Properties etc are decided based on the final application of the Seamless Tubes.

Generally where there is requirement of Heat Exchanger Tubes at Low temperatures then the Seamless Tubes with Low Temperature properties (Low Temperature Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes.) are used. Similarly where the pressure and temperature are both below 200 deg C then Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes are preferred, finally when the Heat Exchanger Tubes are to made from Seamless Tubes to withstand high temperature and pressure then Alloy Steel Seamless Tubes are preferred.

Although the main properties would include Good Mechanical Properties such as Low Hardness – to ensure good finning and bend ability , Good Flaring and flattening properties to ensure proper expansion of the tube ends in the tube sheet , high impact test properties in case of Low Temperature Carbon and Alloy Steel Tubes ( LTCS Tubes ) , high straightness to ensure easy ingress into a series of tube sheets and the proper chemical properties to ensure longer life with respect to the fluids passing through the tubes.

Over and above the above stated propertied the two most important Tests that need to be Passed by any Seamless Tube, Heat Exchanger Tubes would be Hydraulic Test and Eddy Current test to ensure the tubes are Leak Proof.

At ANAND SEAMLESS LTD. the Seamless Tubes are made exactly to meet the above requirements. Having one of the best Infrastructures such as Heat Treatment Furnaces, Draw Benches Straightening machines we can supply the above said tubes well within the required properties. Along with world class manufacturing facilities ANAND SEAMLESS LTD also has a fully equipped laboratory to check mechanical tests, chemical testing, and Eddy current Testing and Hydraulic tests. Being an ISO 9000 certified company proper documented procedures are available for all the above activities.

These tubes are generally supplied in standards like ASTM A 179 , A 334 , A 213, A 106 GRB , EN 10216 , EN 1305 etc.

Moreover , we are approved by prominent agencies like Engineers India Limited ( EIL ), “ Well Known Tube and Pipe Maker “ by Indian Boiler Regulation 1950, PDIL, PED, etc and many other Third Party Agencies. This makes us one of the very few prominent manufacturers of Quality Seamless Tubes and U Tubes ( Heat Exchanger Tubes ) from India.

We would be extremely happy to serve you by supplying the above said products to your needs and specifications. Kindly forward your inquiries at


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