Difference Between Cold Drawn Steel, Hot Rolled & Cold Rolled Methods

By adminSep 16,2020

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There are various types of steel available in different shapes, sizes, grades, finishes, and other specifications. One key difference between them is the roll processing method used. Steel-processing takes place using a variety of machines at different temperatures.

If you are looking for seamless tubes for your projects, then it helps to know which type of steel is more suitable for your specification application. The right type of steel can save you a lot of time and money and will help you achieve the desired result. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand the difference between cold drawn steel, hot rolled steel, and cold rolled steel so that you can make an informed decision.

Cold Drawn Steel, Hot Rolled & Cold Rolled Methods

Hot-Rolled Steel Products

The processing of hot-rolled steel products occurs at a very temperature, as high as 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is above the recrystallization temperature for most grades of steel. This makes the steel easier to form, mould, and work with. Hot-rolled seamless tubes are ideal for making railway tracks, metal sheets, and structural components in construction projects.

Properties of Hot-Rolled Steel Products:

  • Rough surfaces with a rounded appearance
  • Cost-effective and malleable
  • The final form of the product may have slight variations

Cold-Rolled Steel Products

Cold-rolled steel products involve roll processing at around room temperature. The recrystallization temperature is kept below the normal. Cold rolled steel is not as malleable as hot-rolled steel. However, the main difference between hot-rolled and cold-rolled seamless tubes is that the latter is stronger. Cold-rolled seamless tubes also have better surface quality and greater dimensions than hot-rolled ones. Cold-rolled steel is ideal where structural finishes and technical precision are important. For example, the automotive and the construction industry.

Properties of Cold-Rolled Steel Products:

  • Greater mechanical strength and tolerance
  • Superior surface finish
  • Seamless tubes have concentric uniformity and straightness
  • If not treated properly, it can lead to unexpected warping

Cold-Drawn Steel

Cold-drawn steel is given additional pressure, more than other types of steel to give them the desired shape. Similar to cold-rolled steel, the professing of cold drawn steel happens at room temperature. However, while cold-rolled steel has a flat surface, cold drawn steel has a thin shape like that of a wire or rod.

A few noticeable differences between cold drawn steel and other types of steel:

  • Cold-drawn steel has precise measurements and sharper edges.
  • Cold-drawn seamless tubes have improved tensile strength.
  • Projects that require making structural components can use cold-drawn steel because of its aesthetic appeal. Consumer products such as paper clips, cables, and bolts also use cold-drawn steel.
  • Using cold-drawn steel could lead to high production costs.

The Bottom Line

The type of steel you buy depends on what you’re looking to build. Each processing method has its benefits and drawbacks. But having a deeper understanding of seamless tubes and roll processed steel can help you save time and effort and make better buying decisions.

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