Heat Exchanger Tubes – One Equipment and Several Uses

By adminOct 12,2021

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What is a heat exchanger? It is an equipment specially designed to transfer heat from one medium to another, used in several sectors of the society such as residential, commercial as well as industrial.

Now have you ever wondered how do these equipment work? The equipment is separated by a solid wall that is meant to prevent the mixing of the mediums with each other. You will find hot fluid at one side of the wall while other contains cold fluid that effectively flows through channels. Like I said before the entire equipment is designed with the help of fins and corrugations to transfer the heat efficiently.

For example, take your car into account, I am sure you must have heard about the term radiator. The radiator is the space where the process of heat transfer takes place in your car, from water to engine the heat flows through the generator.

Speaking about its variety of applications, we offer a quality range of heat exchanger tubes that can be used for several purposes starting from automobile industries to boiler & pressure vessels, pharmaceutical industries, condenser, oil & gas refineries, defence, chemical industries, diaries, fertilizer industries, sugar industries, textile machinery, instrumentation and the list goes on.

Heat exchanger tube offers variety of benefits and advantages such as being less expensive in nature, can be easily used in systems with high temperature and pressures, easy in terms of cleaning as well as maintenance. Here I would like to mention a few cleaning methods to keep in mind for your heat exchanger tubes.

First of all, you need to disconnect the first unit from the whole system so that there are no such chances of electrocution. After that remove any loose materials if found and start brushing your heat exchanger tube effectively.

Next is to remove the materials found inside the tube, then choose an appropriate kind of brush and start cleaning. On this note, our experts advise using nylon bristles to remove everything present inside.

Lastly, it’s time to let the water rush all through the interiors and remove the materials that aren’t removed by scraping.

On and all, buying a heat exchanger tube and maintaining it is a crucial task but choosing a reliable company like us can save you from plenty of losses. For more information and updates regarding heat exchanger tubes, Feel free to get in touch with our professionals today!


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