How to Store Seamless Pipes in Warehouses or Sites

By adminDec 25,2018

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Industries have evolved and so has the need of having a superior quality of plant and equipment that will help to boost the quality of products or goods produced. Due to this reason, seamless pipes have also evolved and developed to have a plant that works beyond the basics. But with these advancements, the seamless pipes also require some better considerations towards storing these pipes.

We, being India’s leading seamless pipes manufacturers, can provide you with a few tips that can help you store the pipes to keep them in an excellent condition.

Ways to Store the Seamless Pipes in Your Warehouses


1. Choose a clean and well-drained place

Your warehouse should be clean and well-drained. Also, the storage space should be away from the manufacturing unit that can host harmful gases or dust. Warehouse units can also develop unwanted weeds or sundries, remove them in order to prevent corrosion.

2. Check thoroughly while stacking

There are many materials that are corrosive to steel and should be avoided anywhere around the seamless pipes. The steel seamless pipes should not be stacked anywhere near to substances such as cement, bases, salt, and acids. In addition to preventing corrosion, this will also help you maintain an organized warehouse.

3. Special storage for different types of seamless pipes

Every type of seamless pipe should have a separate stacking and storage unit as different pipes can have a different alloy which may or may not be suitable for each other. Also, different types of seamless pipes need to have their unique space and should not be stacked together.

4. Selection of a warehouse

The geographical location of a warehouse is very important. If you are using an ordinary warehouse then you are putting your seamless pipes into trouble. For storing seamless pipes, you need to have a place with roofed walls, tight windows and doors with proper breathing space, even after stacking.

5. Proper Ventilation

A warehouse should not be dingy as the pipes require a clean space with proper ventilation.

Despite these unique requirements towards storing the seamless pipes, these are amongst the most preferred pipes in multiple industries. We have mentioned a few reasons why the companies are ready to meet these unique requirements and choose seamless pipes for their manufacturing unit.

Advantages of Seamless Pipes


  • Better resistance towards high-pressure.
  • No weld and no weak points, due to which no failures or leakage occur.
  • Uniformity of shape.
  • An even circumference.
  • Even the thinnest of pipes are strong.
  • It has a round cross-section that can help them in seamless fitting and installation.
  • Can take substantial loads.
  • Easily usable in a number of applications and industries, making it multi-purpose.

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