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Mechanical Tubes – As the name suggests mainly finds application as mechanical parts in many various industries such as automobile industry, textile industry, bushing etc. Mechanical Tubes are used where the requirement for the strength of the material use. These tubes are now a day’s replacing the usage of rods through which a lot of machined components were manufactured.


The Mechanical Tubes mainly find application in manufacturing of components such as Ready To Hone Tubes for Hydraulic Cylinders, As Bushing in many automobile components, as an Outer in case of Shock Absorbers, in Manufacturing of Steering Column, as mechanical shafting and many more.

Main Characteristics

The main characteristics of the Mechanical Tubes are that the tubes manufactured can give very high precession within a good range of mechanical properties. These tubes can be supplied in Hard Drawn condition where the mechanical strength of the tubes is very high. It can also be supplied in Normalized, Stress Relieved and Annealed condition depending on the Customers end application. The tolerances can be achieved to as close as +/- 0.10mm on the outside diameter and the same on the inside diameter. The straightness of the tube can be kept as close as 1:1000mm.

Manufacturing Process

Mainly the Mechanical Tubes are manufactured by Cold Drawing Process in order to achieve the above tolerances and desired mechanical properties. The Ready To Hone tubes leave only enough stock on the Inside Diameter to carry out final machining and the corresponding Honing operations. This benefits the user in many ways such as A) Reduced machining time and higher efficiency, B) Reduced material wastage by way of machining, C) Reduced wastage due to high straightness, D) Increased tooling life and hence cost saving, E) More production within the existing infrastructure. These are to list a few for starters and many other benefits can be obtained by using the Ready to Hone (Mechanical Tubes). Another major application is in making Bushings. Traditionally bushings are manufactured by way of machining a round bar. The use of Mechanical Tubes has resulted in reduced production time up to 70%. The tooling cost has also been made more efficient to approximately a tune of more than 50 %.

Prima facie the cost of the tubes as compared to the round bar seems to be greater, however, when comparing the production cost, efficiency greater yield etc, the use of mechanical Tubing is much more beneficial than any other material.

Grade and Standards

The main grade used for manufacturing of Mechanical Tubes like Ready To Hone Tubes, Bushing Tubes etc. are EN 10305 E 355( +C, +N, BKS, SR, A), EN 10305 E 235, DIN 2391 ST 52(+C, +N, BKS, SR, A), IS 3074, ASTM A 106 GR B, IS 3602, ASTM A 519, BS 1775 and other international standards. Furthermore the above tubes can also be supplied to the customer’s specific requirements over and above the grade requirements.

Anand Seamless Ltd – Your Trusted Manufacturer

ANAND SEAMLESS LTD. is a leading manufacturer of the Mechanical Tubes like Ready To Hone Tubes, Bushing Tubes etc and is supplying to the manufacturers who are leader in their fields. The tubes supplied have received by the customers have been approved and appreciated by all. Being one of the pioneers in developing the Ready To Hone Tubes and other Mechanical Tubes. Anand Seamless Tubes had a good experience in supplying the best grade material to the customer’s needs.

We hope the above usage of Mechanical Tubes can help others increase their productivity, gain higher yields and have higher profits.!!!


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