A Quick Tour Of Seamless Tube Manufacturing Process

By adminJan 27,2017

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A Seamless tube also known as cold drawn seamless pipe is used in a variety of applications and industries. They are more often used in the exchange of liquids, numerous liquids (especially hot fluids) are made to flow through these pipes and bars. These tubes are manufactured in different shapes and sizes depending on the requirement. Now before we jump into its manufacturing process, let’s see why these tubes or pipes are important?

How are Seamless Tubes Beneficial in Today’s Aggressive Industrial Environment?


  • Increased Pressure Ratings

One of the greatest advantages of choosing a seamless tubes for your machine is that the product has the ability to withstand pressure. While on the other hand, a welded pipe or non-seamless one won’t be able to withstand such pressure as it is welded. Therefore, a seamless pipe always tends to be equally strong around the entire circumference of the pipe. However, the seamless pipe can be pretty expensive than the welded ones, but the ability to withstand pressure allows you to choose other pipes that are thinner and lighter, which can provide a great help in cutting down all your other expenses.

  • Uniformity in Terms of Shape

Almost all the welded pipes are wrapped around another form before it is welded. And moreover, the process of welding adds heat, stress and other variables in such a way that it cannot be as rounded as a seamless tubes or pipe. Seamless pipes are nothing but continuous extrusion of an alloy which means it will have a round cross section on which you can thoroughly rely on.

  • Strength Under Loads

Like I said before, seamless tubes can be really expensive at times, but they are reliable too. The tubes carry a great amount of strength when it comes to under loading. An empty pipe needs to be manufactured in such a way that it supports its own weight, but when it comes to a pipe filled with materials or liquids, it needs to support the weight of its own as well that of the material.

Seamless Tube Manufacturing Process

First of all, the strips are made to go through numerous quality checks and testings. Then they are trimmed from the edges and made to pass through the number of rollers as per required shape and size. After a while, the strip starts getting converted into a tubular shape. In this way rolled pipes are formed without being welded.

Next, these pipes are cut to the required lengths and size depending upon its use and later on subjects to cleaning and dirt removal. Further, heat treatment is given to the continuous rolling hearth furnace and after the completion of this process the seamless tubes are straightened and subjected to picking for removing scales from the surface.

After everything is done that is from heat treatment to cleaning to straightening, these tubes are being marked with the help of computerized inkjet markings and ready to use.

On and all, you could see a sudden rise in the demand of seamless tubes and pipes, especially in the construction and load bearing purposes. The pipe turns out to be extremely durable and can be used in industries like automobile, defense, oil & gas refineries, fertilizers, sugar, cement, boilers & pressure vessels and so more.


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