Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes Vs Welded Pipes

By adminNov 9,2022

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There are a lot of myths and truths surrounding the integrity and strength of seamless and welded pipes. It may get highly confusing for a buyer to choose the ideal tube for their project. Before you set out to purchase pipes, we suggest you read this article to gain clarity on pipes. It is best to learn about the properties of seamless pipes and welded pipes to understand which pipe will suit your project best. Here is a list of properties that define welded and seamless pipes. Go through the points carefully to ensure you are making an informed decision.

All you Need to Know About Welded and Seamless Pipes


Primary Differences Between Welded and Seamless Pipes


  • Ideally, welded pipes are considered comparatively weaker because they have a welded seam. Seamless pipes, on the other hand, lack this structural flaw and are deemed more reliable.
  • It may be true that welded pipes include a seam that makes them subjectively weaker. However, manufacturing standards and quality assurance regimens have improved to the extent that welded pipes can now perform work as needed (if their tolerance is not increased).
  • While the advantage mentioned above is clear, a specialty of seamless carbon steel pipe is that the rolling and expanding process produces a smooth wall thickness when compared to the thickness of steel sheets meant for welding.
  • The industrial expectations that govern the production and specification of welded and seamless carbon steel pipe still reflect traditional perceptions. For example, for high-pressure and high-temperature applications in the oil and gas industry, pharma industries or power generation, seamless piping is needed. Welded pipes (which are comparatively cheaper to manufacture and are widely available) are suggested in almost all industries as long as variables like pressure, temperature, and other factors do not exceed the figures mentioned in the applicable standard.
  • When it comes to structural uniqueness, there’s no specific difference in the performance between welded pipes and seamless carbon steel pipes. While the two pipes are suggested almost interchangeably, you can go for the long-lasting nature of seamless carbon steel pipes.


Manufacturing Difference Between Welded Pipes and Carbon Steel Pipes


Seamless Pipes

Seamless piping starts as a solid cylindrical chunk of steel known as a billet. While burning hot in heating chambers, billets are pierced in the center using a mandrel. The second step consists of rolling and expanding the hollow billet. The billet is accurately rolled and expanded until it represents the diameter, length, and wall thickness as ordered by the customer. The accuracy with seamless carbon steel pipes is comparatively better as there are no welds to disrupt the measurements.

A few seamless pipes harden while they are manufactured. Therefore, heat treatment post-manufacturing is not necessary. Other pipes require extensive heat treatment to set. If you want to know more about the intricacies of the particular seamless pipe you are considering, ask your dealer whether the pipes will require heat treatment.

Welded Pipes

Welded pipes begin as a long, super-coiled length of steel known as a skelp. The skelp is cut into several pieces of measured length, resulting in a flat sheet. The breadth of the sheet’s shorter ends becomes the tube’s outside circumference. This value is used to calculate the final outer diameter of the pipe.

The square-shaped sheets are passed through a rolling machine that curls the longer sides and pushes them into one another, forming a cylinder. During the ERW method, a high-frequency current is passed through the edges, causing the metal to melt and fuse together.

One benefit of using an ERW pipe is that no fusion of metals takes place, and the welded seam is not seen or felt.

Where to Find Reliable Seamless Pipes in Town?

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