Seamless Pipes Market Worth 237.11 Billion USD by 2022

By adminJan 30,2019

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The world is ever growing and with that, so is its demands for energy. Due to this, the researchers are in the constant exploration of new resources to fulfil the energy needs of everyone, this hasn’t stopped the already existing oil and natural gasses industry to expand. With the expansion of this industry, there are many researchers who are suggesting that this will drive the bigger growth to the seamless pipes industry.

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But why is it so?

Seamless pipes are the more preferred pipes when working with plants that involve transferring of chemicals and natural gas. This is due to the fact that the seamless pipes do not have any weld. This enables the pipe to:

  • Transfer the materials without any leaks
  • Run the complete plant without any stress
  • Have little or no big maintenance in the short-run
  • Transfer without contaminating the materials with corrosion as seamless pipes are anti-corrosive
  • Have better strength to weight ratio, enabling it to before heavy duty transfer without any failures

And which type will witness a faster growth in the market?

Based on the type of the seamless pipes, you can expect the hot finished seamless pipes to witness the biggest share of the USD 237.11 billion growth, by 2022. This type of seamless pipes has varied application in many industries such as power generation, automotive, infrastructure and construction, and most importantly, oil and gas. Despite its application, these pipes are highly cost-effective and have good machinability. This makes them the most preferred for plants that need great tolerance and high strength.

Which ones are the fast-growing seamless pipes, based on the production process?

Based on the production process, you can expect the Pilger rolling division or the cross-roll piercing to take on being the fastest growing seamless pipes. The method of Pilger rolling or cross-roll piercing is cost-effective which will help the plant operators to bring down the overall cost of manufacturing.

The Asia Pacific region will have the biggest market share!

Among all the regions in the world, Asia Pacific is expected to witness the highest growth in the seamless pipes’ market share. In this region, you can presume Japan, Taiwan, India, China, and South Korea to be the key players in contributing to the high demand for seamless pipes. This can be due to the fast industrial development which offers a great opportunity for these pipes to flourish. With this region, you can expect the seamless pipes to fit well with the construction and infrastructure industry where its properties like anti-corrosive, anti-chemical, anti-thermal and high strength can come handy.

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