Steel Seamless Pipes: Uses and Applications

By adminAug 23,2022

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Steel Seamless pipes are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial walls, labs, factories, building infrastructure etc. Huge factories where large amounts of fluid (natural gas, water, waste and air) transfer use seamless steel pipes. These pipes are incredibly strong, weather resistant, long-lasting, and massive in size. They go through several processes in factories to attain this rigidity.

Steel Seamless pipes are constructed by using an extrusion mould. These pipes are also highly affordable for all. There are several methods to build these seamless steel pipes, and casting is the third. The molten steel is poured using a casting mould. Let us explore and understand the various uses and applications of seamless steel pipes in different industries.

Common Uses and Applications of Steel Seamless Pipes


Heat exchanger

A heat exchanger is a device or a piece of equipment shaped to transfer any fluid, semi-fluid or gas from one medium to another. The pipes help prevent heat loss while transferring the liquid or gas.

The common application areas of the seamless steel pipes are:

Fertilizer industry

Steel seamless pipes come in handy in several sectors of the fertilizer industry. The regions of application of the lines in the fertilizer industry mainly include piping system equipment, high-pressure tubes in Melamine plants, and heat exchanging systems in Urea synthesis ethylene plants. Other than the above mentioned areas, seamless steel pipes are also used in a variety of sectors in the industry.

Power Generation Industry and Environmental Technologies

Steel seamless pipes and tubes are used primarily as heat exchangers in giant power plants and the energy department. Environmental uses and waste incineration plants also utilize the same application style known as reheater superheaters.

Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

Steel seamless plants prove highly useful in chemical and petrochemical industries. The area of application in the chemical and petrochemical sectors mainly includes the following: High-pressure pipes in Melamine plants, elaborate piping systems and heat exchanging systems of urea synthesis ethylene plants.

Curate Ship-building Parts for International Clients

Various processes of ship-building require the use of steel seamless pipes and tubes. While it is difficult to export a readymade ship, it is comparatively easier to export parts that will be used to build the ship. As per the request of international dealers, a variety of steel seamless pipes are exported to distant lands. These tubes are then used in the manufacturing process of shipbuilding.

Oil and gas Industries

Steel seamless pipes are a common requirement for oil casing and tubing for offshore and onshore Oil & Gas transfer. The oil extracted offshore needs large tubes to be transferred from one reservoir to another. Not all materials can support unprocessed raw oil. Steel seamless pipes are a perfect application for such purposes.

Engineering and Construction Industry

Steel seamless pipes are highly used in engineering and construction industries in the following sectors: automobile designing technology, food manufacturing industry, measurement and control technology, hydraulic press, cylinders and pumps, etc. Stainless Steel Seamless pipes are used as a half-finished product in the departments mentioned above. They are used as fittings and tubes installed in big machines or as a half-finished product for machined parts.

Automotive Industry

In the automotive sector, DMV items are explicitly used in the following areas: Other than these, they are also used in hydraulic braking systems.

Steel Seamless Pipes Used in Project Service

Seamless pipes and tubes are used in petroleum extraction, connecting and transporting various liquids such as water, gas and other fluids. Seamless steel pipes are also used in commercial and residential walls, laboratories, and industrial structures.

Steel Seamless Pipes Used in High Temperature and Pressure Service

To sustain high temperature and pressure in factories, only resilient seamless steel pipes of various ranges are used. Seamless tubes and pipes are valuable for transferring liquids in large containers, heating pipelines and boilers, and high-temperature reheaters.

Where to Find Steel Pipe Manufacturers in India?

Anand Seamless Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of seamless steel tubes, pipes, fin tubes, U-bend heating tubes, and heat exchanger tubes. Our highly qualified engineers use the cold-drawn process to shape the pipes and give them a smooth interior.

Common Properties of Our Steel Seamless Pipes are:

  • Our tubes can effortlessly endure a corrosive atmosphere
  • The tubes are curated with high-level tolerance
  • The tubes are stress relieved, treated and tempered
  • The seamless pipes can easily bear high temperature, stress and pressure

To ensure your purchased seamless pipes are delivered safely without any damage. Our experts execute run-throughs and several quality checks to ensure the quality of the product. For more information on our seamless pipes and services, do not hesitate to contact us today at +91-9099996851 or mail us at We will be happy to help you!


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