Types of Polishing for Seamless Tubes

By adminNov 30,2018

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With a high tensile strength and high resistance against corrosion and contamination, seamless tubes and pipes are surprisingly easy to install. They can withstand any weather and is highly cost-effective, making it an ideal choice for many plant designers.

The main point of differentiation is the polish. But before we delve into it, you need to understand a bit more on the benefits as it will help you to understand more on where can a seamless pipe fit in your industry.

Three Benefits Of Seamless Tubes and Pipes:

Seamless Tubes are made out of round and solid steel billet, which is heated at high temperature. After being heated, it is then pulled over and stretched to shape it into a hollow tube. There are three great advantages to have this carefully manufactured seamless tubes and pipes.

1. Increased Pressure Rating

For people who have welded pipes in their plant, definitely, know why it is weak. As for others, welded pipes have a joint that makes them weak. Thus, get seamless pipes for your plants and get increased pressure rating. This is possible as they do not have a seam to make them weak.

2. Uniform Shape

No two welded pipes are the same and so they lack uniformity. You can be relieved on the uniformity and thus be sure of the consistency of your production plant with Seamless Tubes.

3. Reliable Strength Against Loads

We agree that seamless pipes are costlier than the welded ones but we feel that it is justified. Seamless tubes and pipes provide reliable strength against loads. Also, a welded pipe can have leaks on its seam, thus can spoil your plant and the whole process.

These benefits are variable in nature, depending upon the polishing on the seamless tubes and seamless pipes.

Types Of Polishing for Seamless Tubes


1. Mechanical

Mechanical polishing is done by hands and is ideal for polishing the simple parts, and medium to small parts.


  • Parts are smooth
  • Bright parts


  • Labour Intensive
  • Causes Serious Pollution
  • Luster is not consistent

2. Chemical

This can be suitable for small parts that are complex or do not require luminosity.



  • Fast and efficient polishing
  • Great resistance against corrosion



  • Poor lighting
  • Difficulty in heating

3. Electrochemical

This polishing process is suitable for plants that require mass production to produce high-quality goods. The polishing allows the plant to be tolerant and stable even for simple operations.



  • Stable process
  • Long-mirror gloss
  • Good resistance against corrosion
  • Low cost of polishing



  • Complex parts need to be processed
  • Large quantities of auxiliary electrodes produced

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