What Are the Factors Affecting the Quality of Seamless Pipes?

By adminJan 18,2021

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Seamless pipes are long steel pipes that are hollow in the center. These pipes are widely used as construction material and there is a fairly high demand for them. Seamless pipes offer a continuous, smooth surface with no joints on the periphery. Spurred by the growing demand for seamless pipes, you will find a variety of these pipes in the market. However, finding the highest-quality mechanical tubes is not an easy task. Several factors affect the quality of seamless pipes. Here is a look:

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Temperature can affect the quality of seamless pipes. The uniformity of the heating temperature decides the uniformity of the wall thickness, quality of the inner surface of the pipe, etc. During the rolling process, temperature plays an important role. The uniformity of the heating temperature affects the mechanical properties of the seamless tube, outer diameter, surface quality, and dimensional accuracy.

Process Adjustment

Process adjustment is another important element that you need to scrutinize before purchasing seamless pipes. The process adjustment and working quality affect the appearance and geometry of the pipe. The process adjustment is an aspect that most seamless pipe manufacturers such as Anand Seamless Ltd pay attention to in order to ensure high quality.

Tool Quality

Tool quality also has an important role to play in ensuring the accuracy and quality of these seamless pipes. With sufficient tool quality, the pipes will have high dimensional quality, surface quality, and tool consumption.

Process Cooling and Lubrication

Seamless tubes that have gone through adequate cooling will have a longer service life. Furthermore, when the cooling and lubricating quality of the mandrel is sufficient, the inner surface quality of the pipe will be high. Also, you will get higher accuracy in the wall thickness.

Removal and Control of Sundries on the Surface of Rolled Piece

The term sundries refer to the removal of oxide scales that tend to accumulate on the inner and outer surfaces of the wool pipe and the waste pipe. Most finned tubes manufacturers ensure the quality of both these surfaces is of high-quality by blowing nitrogen and spraying borax on them. This should be followed by descaling with high-pressure water.

In a nutsell, several factors affect the quality of a seamless pipe. If you have a good understanding of these aspects, you will make an informed choice about the quality of seamless pipes you want to include in your construction.

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