Why Does Oil & Gas Companies Use Finned Tubes?

By adminMar 5,2019

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The oil and gas industry in India is among the top 8 industries that practically influences all the major decision of the county. To make the industry run efficiently, there are many plant owners who use different kinds of materials but particularly one stands out from it, and it is the Finned Tubes.

The extruded finned tubes are quite popular with the oil and gas industries, around the world. With its great characteristic to transfer heat to the cold fluids from the hot ones, makes them a proper medium that can handle transfers at great length. They act as a great heat exchanger when one of the transfer variables is gas or air. Normally, the extruded finned tubes have a crossflow which is quite similar to the counterflow.

Another prominent factor that makes the plant managers choose extruded fin tubes is that the fins can actually provide a highly efficient surface area for a heat exchanger tubing. It can also be used as a great heat transfer coefficient, which means that the outside of the tubes are less hot than the insides, letting people work easily around the tubes.

extruded finned tube

Kinds of Transfers That An Extruded Finned Tube Can Easily Perform


  • Transfer from vapour to gas
  • Transfer from liquid to gas
  • Transfer of thermal fluid to air

The heat transfer depends upon three major factors that include:

  • The surface area to which a fluid is exposed to
  • Temperature difference of two fluids involved in the process
  • Heat exchanger coefficient between the fluids and the tube

Applications of Extruded Finned Tubes:


  • Coils for hybrid cooling towers
  • Printing machines
  • Chemical industry
  • Solvent recovery
  • Production of surface coatings
  • Wood industry
  • Cooling of turbine air intakes
  • Greenhouses and breeding
  • Plastic moulding industry
  • Anti-freeze coils for process air
  • Textile production
  • Food industry
  • Paper works
  • Tanneries

Other than this, extruded finned tubes have other major benefits that make it different from other heat exchangers.

Major Benefits of Extruded Finned Tubes


1. Fast Heat Transfer Rate

Finned tubes come along with the tubes, attached to its exterior. This helps the fluids to have additional heat transfer surface area with an increase in the heat transfer rate. This situation will allow a cross flow, due to which the fins play the most important role in this heat exchanger unit.

2. Bigger Outside Surface Area

This can be greatly useful for gas or fluids where fewer tubes are required for the process. This happens as the extruded finned tubes increase the outside surface area letting the tubes work more efficiently. This will help reduce the overall plant and equipment size. This can be greatly beneficial in the long run.

3. Better Heat Transfer Coefficient

With the normal tubes, the fluid that has the lowest heat transfer dictates the complete process of heat transfer and also decides the rate. With extruded finned tubes, this is not the case. It provides a bigger and better surface area due to which it reduces the workload as well as the wastage of money.

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