6 Tips to Maintain the Integrity of Seamless Steel Pipes

By adminMar 24,2022

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Steel pipes have various applications and are primarily used to carry heavy loads in concrete pile casings, protect electricity lines, water and gas, and even support scaffolding. Over time, these metal products undergo wear and tear. It is best to develop a proper maintenance routine to ensure they last longer. We have listed a few easy tips to maintain the integrity of steel pipes so they last long. Read on to know more about it!

6 Ways to Enhance the Longevity of Seamless Pipes


1. Avoid Metal to Metal Contact

It is important to note that when you are first laying out your steel pipes, you need a strategic plan to place them in a manner where contact with other metals is minimal. Constant contact of tubes with other metals can lead to frictional damages such as scratches and dents. In addition, metal-to-metal contact may also cause corrosion. Placing your seamless pipes at a reasonable distance from each other can help prevent this.

2. Reduce Seamless Pipe and Steel Movement

Loosely-arranged or dangling pipes are another reason for early damage to the steel pipes. This makes them vulnerable to friction, jolt or displacement damage, especially during transportation.

3. Carry Out Regular Inspection

Regular inspection is an excellent way to prevent pipe damages from getting graver or irreparable. It is a common mistake of owners to skip this step and land in situations when corrosion, leaks, and breakage start to happen regularly. Faulty pipelines can lead to accidents and costly replacement of pipes, which can be prevented earlier.

To avoid such scenarios, we recommend conducting regular inspections of steel pipes. The best way to deal with leakage, corrosion, or other damages is to consult your supplier. You can also look for holes and cracks in the pipes to inform them.

4. Clean and Polish Steel Pipes Regularly

With watchful cleaning and polishing of seamless steel pipes, you can easily prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime in your pipes. Upon consultation with your pipe provider, you can also use specified chemicals to clean the insides of the tubes. After cleaning, do not forget to lubricate the pipes after.

5. Identify and Make Repairs

Even though most pipe repairs require professional help, you can easily tackle certain maintenance. If you identify minor damages early, there are some handy repairs like sealing leaks, holes and cracks with putty or specialised plumber bandages, which you can do yourself. These are surely temporary repairs but can save your pipes from long-term damage. Later, you can seek professional help to mend the pipes permanently.

6. Choose High-quality Seamless Steel Pipes

To get the deserving value for your money, we advise you to choose supreme quality pipes only for the best results. Consult a supplier who is an expert in the industry and can help you determine which kind of seamless steel pipe is best for your use. Know that there are certain types of tubes meant for specific applications. Therefore, it is best to consult a professional for an error-free installation.

To improve the integrity of your steel pipes, we recommend applying protective steel coatings, especially if the metal will be exposed to water or will be in contact with other metals. One highly preferable option is galvanic protection. In this process, the seamless steel pipes are fabricated with a zinc layer to minimize the likelihood of corrosion.

Hire Only Trusted Seamless Steel Pipe Experts

If you wish to avoid faulty pipelines or constant repairs of steel pipes, you need reliable pipe manufacturers and suppliers well-versed in the best industry practices. At Anand Seamless Ltd., we individually cater to all our clients, noting your budget, requirements, installation area, and time. Our all-encompassing services ensure quick delivery of supreme quality seamless pipes that will last longer than expected with minimal maintenance.

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