How Do Seamless Tubes Enhance the Business Production?

By adminDec 22,2018

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With great tensile strength and a solid round shape, you might have noticed these seamless tubes in many manufacturing units. Someone who is a novice to the workings of the manufacturing units may just find these tubes to be ordinary with no unique feature. These people also believe that these tubes are just pipes which are used to carry liquids or gasses from one place to another.

This blog is for them. Below we have mentioned a few ways the seamless pipes can enhance the business production with its unique qualities that definitely makes it different from the other ordinary pipes.

1. Can Withstand Strong Pressure

This is a very strong advantage of seamless pipes. They have a great ability to withstand strong pressure. This makes them far more durable than the welded pipes as they tend to have a weak point, their weld. Since the seamless pipe does not have a welded seam, there are no chances for it to have a breakdown. The whole circumference of the pipe is strong, with no weak points.

This quality makes it more costly than the normal pipes but can effectively enhance the business production. This ability can also help you to pick a thinner, less costly pipe which can allow you to cut down costs effectively.

2. Uniform Shape

Seamless tubes are a perfect round, how? Because there is no weld. Welding can induce stress and heat among other variables that can affect the shape of the pipe. As seamless pipes are free from a weld, they are of the perfect shape. None of the pipes can be as round as the seamless tube.

Seamless steel pipes have a round cross-section that is formed through the alloy’s continuous extrusion. This is a great advantage in installing and fittings.

3. Great Strength Even When Loaded

Seamless tubes are expensive than the normal steel pipes as we have mentioned earlier, but there is a reason for it. These tubes are highly reliable as they have great load bearing ability.

Any empty pipe can bear its load. The real strength is determined when they have to carry the load. Pipes filled with resources or materials not only have to support their own weight but also the weight of these resources and also carry them effectively from one place to another. Over time, the welded pipes can develop leaks and thus let the whole manufacturing unit come to a halt. This is not the case with seamless tubes, thus helping save the costs involved in the following two aspects:

  • Buying a new pipe.
  • The time lost due to failure and the effect of that time lost in the cost of production.

Sometimes, the latter can cost you more than the former. Thus, foresee these failures and select seamless tubes to run your production or manufacturing unit.

The benefits are endless but these three are the crucial ones that make the seamless tubes the most preferred tubes. There are many variants even among these tubes. The business owners or plant managers use alloy steel seamless tube and/or carbon steel seamless tube the most. Let your business have the same solution by getting these tubes. To get a seamless installation, contact Anand Seamless Ltd. Call us on +91-9099996851 or drop us a mail on to inquire more about our seamless tubes. Get in touch today!

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