Seamless Tubes – Facts, Manufacturing Process & Industrial Uses

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Pipes or tubes without a seam or a weld-joint are known as seamless pipes/tubes. These pipes are solid metal tubes having a uniform structure and strength all over with no joints. Ideally, each end of the tube is connected to another without any joint. This increases the ability to withstand higher temperature, pressure, mechanical stress, and corrosive atmosphere.

Seamless tubes or pipes are usually made from solid round steel bars of metals such as carbon steel, tungsten, stainless steel, or molybdenum. To convert it into a hollow tube, the metal piece is heated and rolled over a form.


Some Facts About Seamless Tubes


  • A seamless tube is thrust out and drawn from a small bar of metal
  • A seamless tube is short in length as compared to a welded tube
  • A seamless tube is more expensive than a welded tube
  • A seamless tube presents a higher range of safety measures
  • A seamless tube provides high corrosion resistance
  • A seamless tube has a homogenous structure

Industrial Use

Seamless tubes are widely used in areas such as refinery, petrochemical, fertilizer, power, chemical, automotive, etc. These tubes are considered to be more reliable and strong as they do not have any joints or welds. Seamless carbon steel tubes are also made in straight units of single or double unsystematic or fixed lengths.

The ability to withstand pressure allows these pipes to be used at various processes. High-pressure equipment, heat exchanger tubes, steam release pipes, cryogenic pressure vessels, air cooler tubes, air preheaters, steam trap piping, etc. all use seamless tubes.

Manufacturing Process

Anand Seamless Tubes is one of India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of different types of Cold-Drawn Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel Seamless Tubes. It has been accredited and approved with numerous national and international entities.

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For Seamless Tubes, Anand Seamless Ltd uses the Drawn on Mandrel Method, also known as the Cold Drawn Process, which usually takes care of the smooth interior and exterior finish as well as the dimensional tolerance.

In this process, a rotary furnace is used to heat a steel billet at very high temperature fabricating a cylindrical void. With extended help, outside diameter and thickness are attained.

Based on client specifications and requirements, the tubes are stress relieved, normalized, and tempered. Further, multiple roll straightening equipment are used to acquire accurate straightness in tubes. In other words, Seamless Pipes are created by shaping metal to the desired length.

Highest quality levels are maintained at Anand Seamless Ltd. No product reaches moves out without rigorous quality checks. Export sections are packaged with special 4-layer packaging to ensure the products reach their destination intact.

For more than a decade, Anand Seamless Ltd has also been into manufacturing of Finned Tubes, Heat Exchanger Tubes, and U Bend Tubes. For reliable and standard seamless tubes contact us now, as we do not compromise with quality.


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